BlueLake Partners

An innovative online presence. 

Some things are as complex and infinite as the number of stars in the universe – investments are one of those things but websites shouldn’t be. We get a lot of clients looking for a simple, online representation of their brand, often questioning if they need anything at all. An online presence is important, but this can take on many shapes and forms depending on the industry and the message we need to get across – and isn't limited to huge multiple page websites.

BlueLake Partners approached Cord & Berg to create a simple, online point of contact and insight into the way they work – positioning them as an established alternative asset manager.

The BlueLake team primarily work with emerging tech start-ups in Australia. To connect and engage with this audience, the website design and functionality needed to have a modern, technology feel. We started by streamlining the content into a single page with a digestible message – adding subtle prompts to guide users down the page and through the content.

Innovative experience

To create a memorable online experience, and ultimately a memorable brand, we moved away from Sydney City and Harbour imagery commonly used by other investment companies and instead developed a city scape line animation that appears in one fluid movement as a user scrolls through the site. We evolved the brand’s creative assets by developing a ripple (similar to that of the logo) that appears and pulses when a user first lands on the page. These functions work seamlessly together to enhance the user experience and position BlueLake as an innovative and constantly evolving company. While at the same time, enhancing the written content, communicating the way they work, and the strategies they use in a subtle, sophisticated manner.

Code & Development
Website Design

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