Employment Easy

The platform matching good people with good jobs, instantly. 

Employment Easy approached Cord & Berg to re-design the traditional job search. We’re at a stage where technology is a rapidly changing space, we’ve got cars that can drive themselves and your morning coffee ordering itself - but looking for a job has gone from printed newspaper ads to online job boards, and stayed that way despite emerging functionality we now have access to. For the site to be successful, we started by looking at what makes job-hunting time consuming, stressful and frustrating and then applied different ways we could use technology to solve these problems – ultimately convincing a user to become a member of the site.

Instant Matching, it's a thing.

Designing something that requires re-education is challenging, but asking young people to pay money and change the way they normally do things – requires solving a big problem and communicating the solution through a clever, concise and compelling message.

The three main pain points we set out to solve were centred around time, CVs and communication. When a user signs up to Employment Easy they fill in 1 interactive and intuitive form. We use the data from this form to generate a professionally designed CV, an online profile and start sending job matches, instantly. You only enter your information once and you can update your CV with the click of a button at any time. Turning the job application process into a 2 step, 30 second process - hit the apply button and attach a cover letter. The system automatically sends a user's CV, employment and education details with each application, so there's no need to repeat the process.

We developed the tagline ‘Don’t Seek, Be Found’ as an introduction to automatic matching – technology that scans your skills and applies them to new jobs, only sending you roles that match your skill set. Like any new technology, there is a transition period; a delicate time where people need to learn to use the site without feeling overwhelmed. For this reason members can still browse and scroll through a job board – but the good news is, they really don’t need to, the platform does this work for them.

Don't Seek, Be Found.

The tagline's quirky tone of voice is continued across the site to make the process personal, encouraging and relatable, again separating it from existing job boards, and positioning the platform as a new solution. Including bold statements such as ‘Remember when you used to search for jobs? Wait, what, you're still doing that?’ gave Employment Easy the disruptive factor and attention it needed to convert young job seekers. As part of this approach, we also built in automated, yet engaging emails to inform users of the outcome for each position they applied for. Providing updates at the end of each review round, to indicate whether they were successful or unsuccessful.

Employment Easy's membership model is designed to be utilised throughout a person's career, allowing users to receive job matches even while happily employed by activating certain features. Features such as a private status - where you still receive matches, but no-one can see you, or restricting the type and frequency of the matches you receive.

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