Guerilla Films

Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead.

#1 on US Netflix

Zombie thriller and Aussie cult classic, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is the first feature length film from production company Guerilla Films. Prior to release, Wyrmwood’s theatrical trailer went viral with over 1.5M views and the film later made it to #1 on US Netflix. Cord & Berg came on board to produce studio and onset Photography and as head of the Assistant Director’s department.

Audience-Ready Entertainment

Cord & Berg also worked with Guerilla Films to create an overarching website and digital experience for the production company and it’s audience-ready entertainment. Part of the digital strategy was to shift their existing fan base from social platforms like Facebook, to the website - so they could interact and engage with fans directly.

The website uses marketing-focused imagery and video to create hype around new projects and communicate the brand’s energy and heart. The Content Management System allows the production company to create a new pre-designed page for each film they release in the future and focuses on building a tangible database by offering exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ content to users who enter their email address.

Cord & Berg is involved in the marketing strategy and as part of the core production crew for future Guerilla Film's projects.

Code & Development
Website Design
Graphic Design 

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