Kabel Financial Services

You call it a dream. We call it a plan.

Kabel Financial Services is a mature financial planning business with over 20 years experience in the financial sector - the company is recognised for developing a series of investment and insurance methodologies. In 2016 Kabel underwent a name change, bringing Cord & Berg on board to create and launch the new brand.

Know The Possibilities

During a 12 month period, we created a modern brand identity and multi-release strategy to introduce the Kabel name in a way that would excite and reassure existing clients and staff.

Part of this strategy was to transition the brand online and physically into the Sydney office space. The focus for the physical space was to highlight the lifestyle benefits enjoyed by those with good financial advice, and dissolve negative connotations that can be associated with financial services. We did this by incorporating a series of custom wall graphics with modern shapes and aspirational wording, as well as a bold backlit sign in the entry designed to lead clients into the space.

Moving Forward

To accurately represent the Kabel brand in a digital space, we developed an immersive user journey designed to expand Kabel’s client base and current audience reach. During the development of this website, we launched a landing page to ensure existing clients had somewhere to learn about the Kabel name immediately after the announcement.

The new branding was introduced to clients through a targeted email campaign, and to staff during an intensive workshop. Part of the brand’s new marketing strategy required us to concept and re-design Kabel’s acquisition, day to day and annual review documents, positioning the company as a consistent brand with a concise message.  

Cord & Berg were also involved in the negotiation of creative assets to ensure we had the necessary tools and licences to create the new brand and highlight the history and experience behind the name change.  


Code & Development
Website Design
Graphic Design 

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