Mickys Art

A new way to discover and buy art online.

Mickys art is an online platform where art can be viewed and enjoyed by a worldwide audience. Cord & Berg worked with Mickys art to build the brand and design and develop the online gallery. The great thing about an online art hub is suddenly everyone has access to great art and the number of walls, opening hours, entry fees and location doesn't limit the size of the collection. Launching in May 2015, Mickys art sells 3 times the amount of art as Australia’s largest galleries combined, proving that e-commerce can be a powerful selling platform for the art industry.   

Art for the digital age

Mickys vibrant colour palette and modern logo design represents the innovative values of the company, grabbing attention (and headlines) for being the new kid on the block, and definitely not a brand that takes itself too seriously. 

The aim was to create a website that could work in harmony with existing art galleries rather than against them, by encouraging galleries and artists, in particular street artists, to show their work online. Utilising the website as a tool to reach a larger audience. For this reason, ‘Art this good deserves to be online’, became the tagline – positioning the brand as a collaborative partner and reinforcing the intention to make art more accessible, rather than close gallery doors.

User first design

Mickys art aims to attract users who are new to buying art or simply curious about it, as well as provide an experience existing collectors and galleries would want to try. While both audiences have varying degrees of art knowledge, what they do have in common is their limited exposure to purchasing art online. To communicate the ease of using the site the Cord & Berg team created the simple, memorable formula; ‘Like it, Request it, Get it’ to explain that saving art you like, or purchasing it, is a one click action.

The platform gives Mickys art the freedom to add new work multiple times a day, and curate the collection by controlling the display order, much like a traditional gallery.  

Cord & Berg won a Silver Sydney Design Award and Good Design Selection for the digital experience.

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