Scout & Roe

The luxury label empowering women. 

The Scout & Roe brand are leaders in feminine sophistication, incorporating their signature blend of classic and contemporary materials into a collection of confident, trans-seasonal pieces. The women’s label partnered with Cord & Berg to develop their brand identity.

Feminine sophistication

The Directors of Scout & Roe are a group of busy, independent women who knew, like them, there were other females out there looking for versatile, chic pieces they could wear from work, to a bar, out to dinner or as a statement piece to an event.

Put simply, the aim of the brand was to make getting dressed and feeling good, easy.

Through a series of specialised branding sessions, Cord & Berg refined the label's concept and created a detailed blueprint to document the newly formed DNA. The blueprint document focuses specifically on the mission to empower women through modern, elegant design choices and effortless execution.

Established by woman

The tagline, Established by Woman became an integral part in communicating this focus on female empowerment  - reiterating that this was to be a label by women for women.

The identity we created is a delicate fusion of masculine and feminine sounds and shapes designed to excite and motivate the modern woman in a new way. The branded content created for Scout & Roe is simple yet uniquely intricate, directly representative of the label's collection aesthetic. 

Graphic Design 

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