Sydney Ugg Company

A seamless shopping experience.

Sydney Ugg Company partnered with Cord & Berg to create a bold identity for their Ugg boot brand and build a seamless online shopping experience. The challenge was clear, Ugg Boots exist in an oversaturated market where knock offs are common and the ability to stand out is difficult.

Look for the red 'G'

The red ‘G’ symbol was created to work in conjunction with a modern logo and vibrant colour palette to separate the brand from others on the market and as a way for customers to verify that their product is authentic and Australian made. Copyright laws prohibit the use of the word 'Ugg' for all international sales, so the red 'G' is also designed to act as the official authenticity stamp for the brand in instances such as these where the full brand name cannot be used.

A new way to checkout

The e-commerce space is centred around a photographic campaign, focusing on the Sydney lifestyle. Shot in iconic Sydney locations the imagery was created to position Sydney Ugg as the home of Australian Ugg Boots – an authentic souvenir for those visiting Australia and a must have for the local community.

With hundreds of online competitors it was important the site allowed users to browse and purchase with ease, for this reason Cord & Berg built a custom one-page checkout for the site - simplifying the purchasing process so that finalising an order could be quick and painless. The site also allows users to checkout in their own currency, create a profile to save their details, track orders or rate the products they have purchased.

Cord & Berg were awarded a Gold Sydney Design award in the Retail and Shopping Category and an Outstanding Website Award from the Web Marketing Association for the design and user experience of the website.

Code & Development
Website Design
Graphic Design 

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