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Following the success of Symmetry Media's Campari campaign, the brand recognised an untapped opportunity to grow the creative side of their business – while of course remaining relevant to their existing corporate clients. Cord & Berg came on board to rejuvenate the brand identity and create an innovative online experience. 

The challenge was clear, the new brand identity would need to represent the company now, with its primarily corporate showcase, as well as perfectly align and compliment the company’s future business goals and slightly more creative outlook.

To achieve this goal, working with Symmetry became all about balance. In developing the logo, we used vibrant colours in combination with a modern and sophisticated font. The symbol takes the sharp lines of the ‘Symmetry Media’ letterforms and uses them in conjunction with a set of playful colours and circular shapes. This balance represents a clever fusion between both the production and creative sides of the business, resulting in a fresh, vibrant take on the existing brand.  

Digital experience

To successfully achieve this balance in the online space, we developed a highly interactive, intuitive website with a strong emotional connection to position Symmetry as a dynamic, switched on company with a creative edge. Effectively amplifying their work in a way that would appeal to both audience segments. 

With the creative growth in mind, we focused specifically on communicating the Symmetry Media philosophy - designing a series of animated text slides that allow the viewer to become immersed and inspired by the words each slide reveals.  It was an unusual approach for a homepage, but one we employed to capture the attention of big agency partners, and it worked.

While the animations added a smooth, sleek component to the site, we paid close attention to the performance; ensuring usability wouldn't be affected by such a creative approach to the opening page. We overcame this by ensuring the brand’s showreel and portfolio of work were accessible at all times, giving a user several ways to navigate around the site with ease.

The content management system developed for Symmetry Media focuses on flexibility – giving the team ample freedom to hide or add additional videos, testimonials and text as their projects increase in size.

Code & Development
Website Design
Graphic Design 

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